Monday, June 1, 2015

Film Log 6.01.2015

Neko Samurai (2014)

Director: Yoshitaka Yamaguchi
Number of viewings: 1

Comments: As a cat lover maybe I am preternaturally disposed to liking this film, but so what. Neko Samurai is such a sweet endearing film. Yes, the drama can get very saccharine at times but the film earns its kawaii moments.

Ang Nawawala (2012)

Director: Marie Jamora
Number of viewings: 3

Comments: Love this film the more I watch it. The film is a love story that doesn't opt for a happily ever after ending. It's male lead struggles to communicate, but doesn't for fear of being rejected. The music is astounding and several scenes in the film make me want to cry. 

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