Monday, July 20, 2015

Film Log 7.20.2015 (BiFan 2015 Edition)

Violator (2014)

Director: Dodo Dayao
Number of viewings: 1

Comments: This film scared the shit out of me. I'm glad I got to see the film on the big screen. A laptop cannot do justice to the sound design in the picture. The appropriation of religious imagery adds a lot to the horror and dread that permeates throughout the picture. Each act is punctuated by suicide. 

Horsehead (2014)

Director: Romain Basset
Number of viewings: 1

Comments: The film leans heavily on the work of Guillermo Del Toro, specifically Pan's Labyrinth. The film is bloated with metaphors and stark imagery, but a lot of the time the film seems to be trying to hard. When Del Toro did it it felt organic, but Basset's attempt feels hollow most of the time. 

PTU (2003)

Director: Johnnie To
Number of viewings: ~3

Comments: Classic Johnnie To crime film. Spare, lean, and uber-masculine. 

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